Turning an idea into a reality

Personal BRANDS


Makers Place

Maker's Place is an exclusive digital platform for buying, selling, and discovering unique, digitally crafted artwork. With a focus on blockchain technology, it gives artists a new avenue to monetize their creations while maintaining proof of authenticity.

In my journey as a digital artist, I've always sought to push the boundaries of what's possible. My sold-out collection on Maker's Place is a testament to this pursuit. Each piece in the collection, balances bold, dark themes with a brighter, cosmic vision of reality.

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Tiger King Comic Book

An exciting moment in my career was the opportunity to create for Tidal Wave comic books, aligning with the peak popularity of the hit Netflix series, "Tiger King". I was able to capture the cultural zeitgeist, translating the complex, eccentric characters and their world into compelling visuals. 

The comic book brought to life the thrilling and sometimes outrageous aspects of the show, reflecting the frenzy that was sweeping the world. This project not only challenged me creatively but also allowed me to contribute to the discourse of a trending phenomenon in popular culture.

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Voyage LA

"Jesse Johnson, the driven digital artist and entrepreneur behind thedopeart.com, embarked on his creative journey with a clothing brand concept, which transitioned into unique canvas art and eventually evolved into a successful venture into the realm of NFTs."

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Shoutout LA

"Jesse Johnson, the visionary behind thedopeart.com, attributes his success to three critical elements: passion, organization, and balance. With a fervor for creating distinctive pieces of art, he devoted two years to honing his skills, eventually finding a unique style resonating with entrepreneurial spirits seeking inspiring decor.

Capitalizing on the downtime provided by the pandemic, he devoted over 60 hours per week learning, creating, and building his brand, even venturing into the NFT crypto art world"

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