Brands & Projects

June 03, 2023 1 min read


Over the years, I've founded and developed several innovative brands, each of which showcases my entrepreneurial spirit and unique artistic vision.


The Dope Art, one of my flagship brands, presents a dynamic collection of canvas prints that fuses a wide array of artistic styles and pop culture themes. With Luxury Wall Art, I’ve elevated the home decor space by offering high-quality, aesthetically pleasing art that complements various interior design styles.


My Eternal Royals collection, meanwhile, merges art and technology in a revolutionary manner. It's a digitally created and blockchain-backed collection, with each piece offering a distinctive blend of regality and modern art.


These projects not only demonstrate my deep understanding of the art market but also my ability to tap into emerging technologies and trends to create products that resonate with today's discerning customers.

The Dope Art

Behold the transformative power of art, where mere walls become a canvas for your imagination to run wild. 

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Luxury Wall Art

Uncover the stories, emotions, and meaning behind each piece as you explore our huge collection Luxury Wall Art.

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Eternal Royals Collectibles

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